From Microsoft comes VISTA- The most torturous computing experience ever devised...

Blimp TV would like to hear your Windows horror stories from years past and up to the present.... what do you like/dislike about Microsoft, LINUX, Apple or any other system you have dealt with in your daily life? This video is to get your creative juices flowing.... feel free to post your comments in this video blog!


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Anonymous said...

"Vista Sucks" must have been written by a Mac user. I've been using Macs for 10 years now - and I'm still laughing. Oh, and I've managed to get dozens of people to switch from Windows to Mac. Now that Macs will actually run Windows, can the end for B.G. be far behind?

Anonymous said...

I've used both mac's and pc's for years and the only reason I went with a pc was the cost factor. Unfortunately I purchased a laptop this year that was a rather beefy system (duel core amd 64 bit processor, 1 gig of ram...ect), but it came pre-loaded with vista. Suffice to say that it took anywhere from 5-10 minutes to load the os, and then I found that just the os (with no other programs running) would use almost half of my RAM to run. Even better than that, I actually saw the "blue screen of death" after about 3 days. I haven't seen that screen since the days of win 98. I figured that once the updates were installed everything would be ok. Well, that was the farthest thing from the truth. After installing the updates the computer got even slower. So, it was time for a downgrade to xp and the laptop was finally running at the speed I expected. Due to this (and the many other problems I did not list about vista) the next computer I purchase will be a mac. I would gladly pay more not to have to deal with another one of bill gates failures again. Way to go Microsoft, it is always a good thing to alienate your customer base!

Anonymous said...

i got a new computer with vista a few months ago. ever since day 2 i've got nothing but blue screens. luckily this story has a happy XP disk is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all should hang out on /. It's amazing how much FUD is generated by Mac and *nix users.

One of the quotes is "Now that Macs will actually run Windows, can the end for B.G. be far behind"? Really? That is quite possibly one of the DUMBEST things I've ever heard. It's like asking, now that the Cadillac will run on plain unleaded, can the end of Ford be far behind? Get real

As for Vista performance, I've used Vista for several months and like it better that XP. There are some definite problems, but hey, go use any flavor of Linux and come back and tell me how much fun and how easy that was.

Pfft...Mac users. Steve Jobs is the Devil. Go ahead, say it...Steve Jobs is the Devil. I'm a PC user and I can tell you Bill Gates is an idiot.

Bet you can't say it.

Anonymous said...

really, to everybody that doesn't know how to use vista .. dont use it . .and since everybody in todays world wants shit done for them, i guess thats gonna be most of you .. if you dont have the apptitude to learn something new, then shut up . .yea, its something new and to ppl that say XP is something better .. when it came out at first, was xp really better then vista? .. how much time and how many SP's did it take to straighten it out and get it decent?. . .

Anonymous said...

Vista has lead me to three broken keyboards and a malfunctioning mouse but ever since i've been on a mac

Anonymous said...

find is amusing that so many mac users are laughing a ms the biggest joke is bill gates owns apple he is the single biggest shareholder thats why new macs use intel chips and why windows is now available on macs

Anonymous said...

I will definitely keep my 2.4 Ghz 512MB in RAM XP pc then! I bought it 4 yrs ago and it still runs like new, even with games and movies.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, you want to play games then you must have windows.. sorry chap but Linux or MAC just doesn't cut it... With the arrival of Linux on Mac it should get better but I'm not holding my breath.. until we get Directx10 on Linux, Microsoft has the upper hand on the OS market... Now, if you want to do some real work aka Office suite / Email / programming then Linux is better suited than Microsoft with a total cost of .. nothing! and a 64 bits OS running.

Anonymous said...

I have had Vista for a couple of months. So far, I have had no problems except with my old printers. And think about it fellas, I am a retired senior citizen, a woman and a blond. So, if I can use it with no problems, then I would be ashamed to admit that you can't.

Anonymous said...

Those who hate Vista don't know how to use it. All those nice new (in)security "features" Microsoft put in there can and MUST be turned off. Do that and you essentially roll back the OS to XP status. If you are an IT pro and don't know this, you are an idiot. Most Geek Squad/Firedog-types don't know this and are idiots by default (what IT pro in their right mind would work at such a demeaning place like that anyway?).
Functionality and performance aside, why the hell would you pay that much for an operating system that runs slower than it's predecessor?
Microsoft needs to quit listening to their customers and focus on making the OS THEY want. You heard me right. The problem is Microsoft is trying to cater too much to their user base and is too worried about making EVERYONE happy. Too many people want too many different things and you can't make everyone happy. If the would just stop listening and do it right the first time, we wouldn't have all these problems and things would be sooo much better.

Anonymous said...

The ACTUAL problem with Microsoft is that the company is so addicted to the "New Version" money teat that none of the creative juices of the company go into solving the actual problems of the last operating system /application, which was in too big a hurry to do anything about the bugs and problems of the previous version, ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

Luckily i've avoided having much involvement with vista. But the few times i have, are hair pulling experiences.

In a large corporation where i worked they had a few vista laptops that had the new office, but all the other systems were running xp with office 2003. Since the new office included it's new formatting, and didn't offer any information for compadibility there was a long fight over the company of why the reports weren't done.

A second experience, is my landlord's PC came with vista. Her printer won't work on it, and there's no drivers. Luckily i was able to salvage what i could and get her camera connected to it for her digital pictures.

Third experience, a friend of mine bought vista, after 3 months he's about to scrap it and put back on XP. I recommended Knoppix and Ubuntu, and he's seriously considering it. (Heh, the new office wouldn't work on vista, but open office did.. imagine that..)

My personal views? Vista is NOT going to make it, at least not till our CPU power triples and the DRM and drivers issues seriously fix themselves. Even after that, it will be a hair raising experience. All this for Aero? Not worth it.

Thanks M$, more people are switching to linux and mac than ever before.

Mike said...

Ok.A lot of people say vista sucks.I have had a lot of problems with it but my most picky one is my loss of framerate in games such as wow(world of warcraft).Vista has a load of crappy bloatware and is very slow and resource hungry no matter what.Now there proven version of xp is great but that wasnt either when it first began because it was too shitty and incompatible and resource hungry(requring at least 128 mb of ram to run good)but vista just draws the line because most people want to use a pc for office apps and vista requires a beefy gfx card.So no vista will not make it.Macs or linux will take over if microsoft doesnt recall the os and make it less resource hungry, because after all you want the programs to use resources, not the os.

Anonymous said...

The company crossed the line. No one wants their shared software anymore.

Anonymous said...

Talking of bloat, this video does not fully play, due to the numerous off-site resource links. Just play the swf in a new tab and everything's fine.

Pot-Kettle-Black, BlimpTV?

Anonymous said...

To Piss you ALL off, I've had virtually no problems with vista =)
The only thing that really is bad about vista is the fact it's new. With ALL microsoft's OS's, they've been a pain in the ass when they came out, but eventually been awsome by the time the first SP comes out. I've had a Vista PC Since July, and I've only had one BSOD, and that was because i was trying to set the system to view in arabic, which it didn't like =P

Gary said...

Vista is definitely off to a rough start technically. Initial bugs have always been a problem for Microsoft, but let's keep everything in perspective. I don't like the greedy monopoly that Microsoft has become. But I've been around the PC market since the beginning in the mid 70's and I remember that "we" all wanted standardization of PC OS's & drivers in the early 80's. Every application that was written in the old DOS and CP/M days had to include its own drivers for every input and output device on the market. If you bought a piece of software and it didn't have a driver for your printer, you had to go out and buy a "compatible" printer. Also, back then it was common to pay $5,000+ for a computer, CGA color monitor and printer combo. Then you had to buy the software which was also outrageously expensive. Microsoft delivered the standardization of printer drivers as well as other input/output device drivers that we wanted through Windows 286, 386,etc. We loved it and gave them exclusivity in the market. We created the monster. I just don't see them going away anytime soon, especially with a $30 billion+ cash reserve.

As for Apple, they could have had it all if it were not for Steve Jobs fear of losing control. When the "Orange" (one of several Apple clones) came out, they went after them with a vengence instead of working to license their technology to meet market demand. He pulled his company into a bunker like a recluse and let IBM take it ALL! Until that changes with Apple, they will always have nothing more than a cult following.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The enormous amount of crap posted here is frightening!

Gates is not the largest shareholder of Apple. I am sure he has some since he is a wise investor, but the 150M in shares that MS purchased as part of a legal settlement were divested long ago. In fact this decision has been laughed at since the shares have risen so drastically.

Jobs did not have anything to do with killing licensing issues other than killing the total licensing program upon his return to Apple. This was a good thing since the clones were not only eating in to Apple's bottom line but giving them a bad name. The clone machines were in many cases garbage (I owned a Daystar, probably one of the best clones... and it sucked). As I recall Orange manufactured a laptop machine with a reverse engineered OS that infringed on enough patented tech to be actionable.

Jobs is not the devil nor is Gates an idiot.
Both companies have made errors (interestingly most of the things I consider to be errors on Apple's part were made when Jobs was absent. Thanks Sculley, Gassee, et al)

Vista definitely has problems and I am sure that SP2 will straighten most of them out. SP1... not so much.

Anonymous said...

Whoever created this is a genius. I've been using macs for 14 years and PCs for 6 years. All my PCs run Linux. None of my macs have ever crashed. I don't play video games so what's the point of windows. I run windows and Mac OS Leopard side by side and it works flawlessly. The only reason I have windows and Mac OS is because MS office for Mac doesn't crash but you can't do as much as the PC version. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT! Microsoft's REAL ACTUAL weakness is their inability to stop imitating Apple products and to stop basing Windows of off MS-DOS and IBM-DOS. DOS is like 40 years old and when you buy a PC you dedicate half of your processor to translating between IBM-DOS and MS-DOS. Nobody say macs are too expensive because their not. You can just buy a PC, plug in a PCI DVI card, reformat the hard drive, and install Mac OS on it. It's that easy. There are also great deals of refurbished Macs. But I don't want Macs to be the majority. That way 100% of viruses and spyware are incompatible with Mac OS. Don't even get me started on Vista. It's the consequences of Microsoft trying so hard to completely imitate Mac OS.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I have to laugh at all of the posts. The only person that has a bigger ego than Gates is Jobs. Either way they both win and we lose. Gates uses market dominance to control, Jobs uses a closed system. Gates might take cues from Mac, but Jobs stole from Xerox (I think that's correct). I've used Vista for almost a year on a "travel" laptop and have only had minor problems with "local access only" on connectivity. There are a number of features that I do like especially in Office 2007 (though, too many functions have moved from 2003). Not interested in going back or learning Mac.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious and excellent satire, with a lot of truth mixed in! Only Gates' mother could like an OS the NSA had to bless before it could ship! Gates shows his disdain for humanity in all his products.

Very well done! Ditto the Bush money video and Obamameter! You guys nail the subjects with biting humor. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Yep, all true. Even Bill has a Mac in the basement, running Windoze.

Anonymous said...

I'm an I.T. Pro and a beta tester and have been using Vista since the first beta release in one way or another.

Main Problems with Vista.
1. User Ignorance of new methods

2. Hardware manufacturers not delivering on the promise of compatibility, for sub systems and end point devices.

3. User Ignorance, if you can't double click and it just does it then its crap.

4. Some niggles with the new security model.

5. ???? struggling thats right people there are very few things actually wrong with the final release when its used in the home or personal space and the small office, I have rolled out countless last year and will no doubt be doing more this year.

Most of the problems revolve around devices and drivers and software, just an aside I have complete novices to experienced multimedia people using vista and I have had no major issues.

One of the writers that use it actually has the very first version of word perfect running on it as well as a handful of of other lotus products.

And by the way, due the range of work that I do I own the latest model MacBook Pro that seamlessly networks and connects to my vista, xp and linux machine.

People with out wisdom and understanding should limit the amount of rubbish that comes out of their mouths and ask someone who actually knows how to fix their problem.

As for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs bet you lousy bastards would not be complaining if that was you sitting there with all that money......

I Use What I Need to in order to complete the job..... :)

heather said...
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heather said...
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waitingforVista2 said...

i thought the video was amusing and the stuff about microsoft support was probably on target.

i never get a new operating system until it's been out a couple of years.

many version 1 applications are buggy.

if it takes them a couple of years to get Vista right, that's okay with me.

i've used both mac and pc and greatly prefer my pc.

i have a screamin' machine that i built for half or more the price of a comparable mac.

And i get no crashing!!

AppDeveloper said...

I.T. Pro - isn't the purpose of good software to "just work"? Why should anyone need an IT Pro (or to be one) to use an OS?

You make a great case for the MAC.

How long have you worked for Microsoft?

I honestly tried to upgrade said...

I spent 7 days and nights trying to upgrade our small office (10 Work Stations)environment to Vista. Not only did our 2 year old $5000 HP printers (we have 10 of them)not work (HP claims they just don't have the correct driver yet), I could not get any version of Outlook to work despite spending over 25 hours with Microsoft Support. I even purchased $3500 worth of new software including Office 2007 and still could not get it to operate with Microsoft's help.

I'm the kind of IT guy that can figure anything out given enough time, but after 1 week, I sent everything back to the vender and ordered 10 new machines with XP Pro which took me a total of 8 hours to setup and configure all 10machines including all the network requirements.

Now I'm stuck with all the new software which is total crap and no one in the office will even consider using Office 2007.

Run as fast as you can to your local computer guy and have him build you a spare XP machine.... you'll thanks me in the end!!

cuyo01 said...

the IT pro says that "user ignorance of new metods" is one of "ours" faults for not understanding vista but if i need to learn new methods then why not learn to use a OS like Linux?

gusto said...

I think Vista could possibly end up like Windows 2000, an interim OS. It`s biggest problem and Achilles` heel is its hardware requirements which opened the door to WalMart blowing out $200 Linux machines that work well for normal users.

Linux's strength is that it keeps improving via the open source community. Firefox's open source program did to browsers what Linux will do to operating systems - eventually.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this video. My cousin has Vista and I have experienced every single problem you have mentioned on the video in the 24 hour period I was there.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if most of you realized that this was supposed to be funny... I've worked with Linux, Mac OS and Windows and they all have limitations. Laugh at the stupid video, bitch a bit to vent your frustration, stop being blowhards about how fabulous your Mac is (really people, you are like heroin addicts when it comes to those machines), and wait for the equivalent of XP Pro to emerge. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

"stop being blowhards about how fabulous your Mac is (really people, you are like heroin addicts when it comes to those machines)"

I lol'd at this because my Mac /is/ fabulous, despite I'm only running it on 380 MB of RAM. OSX 10.2.8, too. Older, but it works.

yeah, I'm a total macfag.

tomax7 said...

Vista Sucks? How many ways?

Three Initials:

Two words:
Get Apple.

One Sound:

Anonymous said...

30 years of technical innovation and Apple still can't understand the increased funcitonality of two mouse buttons.

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a dinosaur! Apple has supported a two button mouse for ages now...

Ever heard of Mighty Mouse? Look it up genius.

Bob said...

I have a PC network running susie 9 and vmware hosting windoz 2k... Not wanting to go with vista I bought a 24" Imac and I really like it...

It talks with my network, prints to the network printers, and runs firefox, open office, and various google apps, real media, etc.

There is lots I dont know about it yet, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

i have windows vista on a duel boot up with XP and its fine with me ;-) if you have an old pc then yes vista will not like it
i fine it runs well with 2gb ram
1xGeForce 8500GT card (1264mb)
500GB hdd
and 4.5GHZ processor that will get to a vista raiting of 4.9
i will not put a mac OS on this pc and mac's os's will not use the power from my graphics card -_-
and for the programs that will not run on vista i have XP to boot into ;) which is better than any MAC out there ^.^

casey said...

ill be the first to say that vista has some improvements, however they came at a high cost to system resources(which duh if your doing more it usually takes more). me being the linux/mac/xp user that i am i prefer the option to select whats running and what isn't so that what i do run, runs alot faster/stable ;) with time vista has great potential, but for now go w/gentoo or something.

ps i cant wait for linux to get better graphical support :D

Tom said...

I have Vista and while I would rather use XP, it isn't terrible, especially on an HTPC setup. 1080p video playing at full rez and 5.1. With a cheap 512 MB card. It runs perfect, as long as you aren't half a tard and put the wrong RAM or buy a 64MB video card then you'll be fine. Not once have I recieved a BSOD. I'm not saying I like Vista, I just don't loath it.

Mac users, live it up while you can. Keep paying those ridiculous prices and screaming that your system is better, my Vista system runs the same as yours and at about $1000 less. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

oh no YouTube has our video! whaaaaaaaaaaa!
d00d, if it wasnt for YouTube, your dumbass video would have never been seen. Oh yeah and Digg, and the internets! BWAHAHAHAHA

Jan said...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't let a Windows product touch any one of my Apple computers with a ten foot pole.

Eight hours a day is enough grief with Windows.

"I'm very good at breaking software. That's why I won't use Windows."

Anonymous said...

Vista sucks. No doubt about it. I hope they get it straight soon. But what I'm more annoyed about is the Mac fanatics. You guys are funny.. What the hell can you do on your Mac except do some word processing and doodle in a photoshop?? You obviously can't survive without Windows that you need to to have a BootCamp installed;) Face it, Mac is for fun, the real work is done on Windows.
I wouldn't mind getting a Mac to play around, but there is no need to trash Windows/PC's.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost afraid to post for fear of jinxing my system! I have been using VISTA on a new machine with tons of space and memory and so far, I have had absolutely no problems...for almost a year now!

Anonymous said...

Anytime you move to a new OS there is a big learning curve, and anytime you want all kinds of special graphics you need MORE ram. Anyone trying to run Vista on 1 GB of ram is going to have problems. Try them all and use whatever works best for you. Try Ubuntu Linux, it's free and you don't have to be a genius to install it and get it running.

Anonymous said...

"Now that Macs will actually run Windows, can the end for B.G. be far behind?"

No. Microsoft is too big... unfortunately.

"Sounds like you all should hang out on /. It's amazing how much FUD is generated by Mac and *nix users."

And it's amazing how PC users cannot except reality and SHUT UP. If you get a coupon, mabye you'll get a free therapy session!

"One of the quotes is "Now that Macs will actually run Windows, can the end for B.G. be far behind"? Really? That is quite possibly one of the DUMBEST things I've ever heard. It's like asking, now that the Cadillac will run on plain unleaded, can the end of Ford be far behind? Get real"

Yeah... that is pretty dumb. Yeah. I'm a Mac/Linux user. But you should cut down on the rudeness towards the end.

"Pfft...Mac users. Steve Jobs is the Devil. Go ahead, say it...Steve Jobs is the Devil. I'm a PC user and I can tell you Bill Gates is an idiot.

Bet you can't say it."

Jerk. How is wonderful Billy Gatesies any more "evil" than Steve Jobs?

"As for Vista performance, I've used Vista for several months and like it better that XP. There are some definite problems, but hey, go use any flavor of Linux and come back and tell me how much fun and how easy that was."

Very, very easy and pleasant, actually. Much more so than Vista. Yeah, I've used it. I bought Ultimate. I installed it. I had lots of trouble looking for drivers. It finally installed properly. And I hate it.

"Vista has lead me to three broken keyboards and a malfunctioning mouse but ever since i've been on a mac"

..... Is this even possible?.....

"really, to everybody that doesn't know how to use vista .. dont use it . .and since everybody in todays world wants shit done for them, i guess thats gonna be most of you .. if you dont have the apptitude to learn something new, then shut up . .yea, its something new and to ppl that say XP is something better .. when it came out at first, was xp really better then vista? .. how much time and how many SP's did it take to straighten it out and get it decent?. . ."

Um, grammar..... GRAMMAR, ARE YOU THERE!??!?!?
We linux users aren't idiots, by the way. Linux can be easy for beginners, or a (fun, kind of) tougher to install and get working distro. Some people (like me, evidently) LOVE hacking to get apps to works. But I don't like reformatting my HD every weekend or doing any of the stupid nonsense in windoze.

Mac users aren't idiots either......................... well, cm'on, we're all of the same species here, right?

"5-10 minutes to load the os"

Wow, you mean to install the operating system? that's great timing! CHECK YOUR LANGUAGE NEXT TIME.

"find is amusing that so many mac users are laughing a ms the biggest joke is bill gates owns apple he is the single biggest shareholder thats why new macs use intel chips and why windows is now available on macs"

Plain idiocy.

Lets face it, you want to play games then you must have windows.. sorry chap but Linux or MAC just doesn't cut it...

Idiot. It's called Wine and Darwine.

"With the arrival of Linux on Mac it should get better but I'm not holding my breath.. until we get Directx10 on Linux, Microsoft has the upper hand on the OS market..."

Microsoft has always had the upper hand on the OS market. Jeez, obviously. Mac or Linux will never catch up. Well, mabye Mac... but Linux is still to complicated for the "average" computer user. Even with the "beginner friendly" distros. One thing that I don't like about the Linux+Mac communities: they can't shut up about Mac and Linux losing to Windoze. You have to face it. Mac OS X is the simplest OS, but people want to run all their old Windoze programs and games. They aren't intelligent enough to use the UNIX application, Darwine, so they use Boot camp or whatever to run Windoze on the Mac. The whole reason I switched to Mac is for the OS and Apple's software suites.

"Microsoft needs to quit listening to their customers and focus on making the OS THEY want. You heard me right. The problem is Microsoft is trying to cater too much to their user base and is too worried about making EVERYONE happy. Too many people want too many different things and you can't make everyone happy. If the would just stop listening and do it right the first time, we wouldn't have all these problems and things would be sooo much better."

Microsoft should quit. If Micro$oft makes the OS THEY want, NO HOME USER will buy it.... Except all you cult-of-windoze-and-M$ people, of course. Buisnesses would also have a hard time using it... it would be bug-filled. M$ at least listens to their consumers right now. We get what we ask for in Windoze. Sometimes.

"Those who hate Vista don't know how to use it. All those nice new (in)security "features" Microsoft put in there can and MUST be turned off. Do that and you essentially roll back the OS to XP status."

No, you don't roll back to XP doing this you idiot. All you old apps won't run under Vista even with all the stupid "Compatibility Modes" or "Run as Admin" or any of that shenanigans.
Ever USED Vista?

"So no vista will not make it.Macs or linux will take over if microsoft doesnt recall the os and make it less resource hungry, because after all you want the programs to use resources, not the os."

I said this before. YES, IT WILL. You think all the sudden game developers will switch to Mac? I know for a fact that not very many will EVER code ANYTHING for Linux (Unfortunately). Windoze rules in this dark, dingy age of computing.

"To Piss you ALL off, I've had virtually no problems with vista =)"

I'll smack that smile off your face! You must be an office user, then. None of my old games run. Only a few of my old apps run. Face it, vista sucks. I didn't have ANY problems with vista until I started installing my collection of games on my HD, like a week after I got Vista. And almost none of them ran properly. Like 5 of them didn't save, and the rest (besides 2 that worked perfectly) DIDN'T RUN AT ALL. NOT EVEN THE INSTALLER. NOT EVEN WITH THE CRAPPY "COMPATIBILITY MODE".

"As for Apple, they could have had it all if it were not for Steve Jobs fear of losing control. When the "Orange" (one of several Apple clones) came out, they went after them with a vengence instead of working to license their technology to meet market demand. He pulled his company into a bunker like a recluse and let IBM take it ALL! Until that changes with Apple, they will always have nothing more than a cult following."

Exacty what I HATE about Apple. If they just made the Software (and the REALLY NICE Macs) and let other companies make fat bulky Macs, They would have more market share. I don't really get this logic, though.....

"Thanks M$, more people are switching to linux and mac than ever before."

Well, yes.... but that number of people is still VERY low compared to Windoze market share.

"Vista definitely has problems and I am sure that SP2 will straighten most of them out. SP1... not so much."

Suposedly SP1 and SP2 are going to be helpful in some areas - not for home users, for buisnesses.

"There are a number of features that I do like especially in Office 2007 (though, too many functions have moved from 2003)"

Guess what? All those new features are copied from iWork.

"I.T. Pro - isn't the purpose of good software to "just work"? Why should anyone need an IT Pro (or to be one) to use an OS?

You make a great case for the MAC.

How long have you worked for Microsoft?"

Bravo, bravo!

"I don't know if most of you realized that this was supposed to be funny... I've worked with Linux, Mac OS and Windows and they all have limitations. Laugh at the stupid video, bitch a bit to vent your frustration, stop being blowhards about how fabulous your Mac is (really people, you are like heroin addicts when it comes to those machines), and wait for the equivalent of XP Pro to emerge. Enough said."

Herion addicts.... lol! From now on I supposew I should refer to myself as a Linux user!

"Those who hate Vista don't know how to use it."

Windoze is for idiots! Of course I know how to use it. Now it doing what I tell it to do..... and it getting the job done..... and it running all the software programmed for previous versions of windoze...

Anonymous said...

"Anytime you move to a new OS there is a big learning curve, and anytime you want all kinds of special graphics you need MORE ram. Anyone trying to run Vista on 1 GB of ram is going to have problems. Try them all and use whatever works best for you. Try Ubuntu Linux, it's free and you don't have to be a genius to install it and get it running."

Ubuntu is a "Beginners Distro" and it is still too complicated for the average user. Apps wise. You know, no logging in a root, sudo stuff, etc? See my post above. ^^

Anonymous said...

Whoever it was that commented on the 2 button mouse - it's called control click or two fingered click on a laptop - incidentally, much nicer to use than on any windoes laptop yet, with two buttons...not to mention 2 finger scrolling!

Anonymous said...

I've used Linux with no issues on three PCs. And since i started I've learned a lot of things (Bash etc etc) and it WAS fun, so screw off. Yeah, All OS's have some problems. But honestly, Vista had more issues on my PC than even Mac OSX did (Yeah, the x86 version. Sue me for trying it on my PC, and yes, i do have the boxed version which i purchased legally.)

Anonymous said...


i had total blue screen of death 10 times i think ''programm not responding'' every day 5-10 times a day. if using a programm that is requaring a lot of ram 10 minutes not respondiong at start of each session.

new error now


Programms that got it so far:

PC games
Tortuga-Two Treasures
Rite Of War Craft
Roman Wars

Adobe Photoshop Element 3
Graphic designer

Instant Messager

So far i am running messagers and other things on my second XP computer. here are some programms that are not worth putting obn vista at all because they will not even install. and some programms got a big sign on their sites. usually red anmd with big red cross saying


That says plain and simple that they do not allow vista on to run their programms

but i had to buy this pc ebven if i did not liked vista because all proffessional pwerfiomance computers now only got vista. xp is left for kids and students.

yours sincerely
United Kingdom

Chris mankey said...

"go use any flavor of Linux and come back and tell me how much fun and how easy that was."

I'm using linux mint right now. Both fun and easy.

Anonymous said...

"Vista Sucks" must have been written, not by a Mac user, but by a Vista user. Vista really, really sucks. I have always used Windows OS but I am now considering switching, or at least "downgrading" to XP.

I also, like so many others, bought a laptop which came with Vista. Mine came with A: wrong language; B: blue screen of death on the first day and 2 weeks waiting for it to be repaired; C: another blue screen of death 2 days after it came back and another 2 weeks of waiting. And that is just the worst of it...

Fujitsu Siemens and Vista is a dangerous combination. Everyone I know who has one, has problems with it. Do not buy one!!

CountryLifeStyle said...

MicroSoft Lies Saying This Would Be Theyre Problem Free Operating System, It Sucks So Bad I Have Corrupt File Or Files. After Only 3 Months Of Use,Can't Delete The Files Because The Way The Operting System Is Built. Tried Renaming The Flash9e.OCX File That Is Corrupt & Still Won't Allow Me To Get Rid Of It As It Destroys More Files. Went To MicroSofts Website, They Want $59. For Tech Support That Should Be Free. So Much For Big Bad Vista. I'm Turning In MicroSoft To The Better Business Bureu This Morning. I Hope Others Will Follow When They Encounter These Problems ... That Are No Longer Suppose To Happen.

Also Stay Away From A Program Called PC Doc Pro 4.2 Which Guarantees They'll Fix All Your Computers Problems. It Didn't For Me.

If AnyBody Knows How I Can Get These Corrupt Files Off Vista I Would Be Grateful. Sorry In Advance That MicroSoft Is So Lame You Have To Do Theyre Job. Time To Buy A Mac I Guess.

Anonymous said...


Just make a bootable DOS floppy. Once booted from floppy type the following:

FORMAT C: fs/ntfs

No more corrupt files!

Noel said...

I like those stupid reactions here, quote: "really, to everybody that doesn't know how to use vista .. dont use it" hmzz offcource!

I have used Xp for years now, no problem at all. And now there is a that great thing called vista... microsoft saw they where way behind with osX so let's create some user friendly and user safe options... oh no let's create loads of em! Every fart you let gives you an security message or simply fails, and NO I am not talking about users who use their vista to internet and type some text in their MSword, No i talk about real users, who mostly WORK on their computer.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, most of these comments have been very "fanboyish" towards Linux or Mac. While there are some minor "niggles" with Vista, I have yet to encounter any major issues after about 8 months with Vista Ultimate x64 edition. As for the guy who said you couldn't run old games/apps in Vista, here's my current list:

Advent Rising
C&C: Red Alert 2
Deus Ex
Max Payne
Quake 3
Septerra Core
Splinter Cell (all of them)
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Star Wars: KotOR (1 & 2)
The Longest Journey (original, not Dreamfall, though that works, too)
Tron 2.0

And running through a DOS emulator:
Commander Keen
Doom (all versions)
Quake (1 & 2 plus mission packs)
Wolfenstein 3D

And that's just a list of the OLD games I play on Vista. I've got a list many times longer than that of newer games (relatively speaking).

I've got Office 2003 (including Outlook, which was mentioned by another that he couldn't get working), an extremely outdated wallpaper changer that's only in beta for XP yet works fine in Vista, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and the list goes on.

And this all on the 64-bit (x64) version of Vista even. Not to mention my 3-year old, $50 HP printer that works perfectly fine without any problems.

The only annoying part about Vista that I turned off right away was UAC. Aside from that, this is pretty much a stock install, though I have recently installed SP1.

Tom said...

Here’s another one. Disable microphone on a laptop and try to re-enable it. Can’t find it. NOT listed, poof gonzo!

Open the Sound window, click on the Recording tab, and then right-clicked in the blank window space and select “Show Disabled Devices” from the menu.

Who the frack would come up with such a stupid way of enabling a built in microphone?

To think that one would have to right click on a blank window to get an option.

Stupid stupid stupid Microsoft.

Tom said...

...proper command is just "format c:", you can't format into NTFS from a floppy unless ya got a Sysinternals tool.

Once running, then convert c: /fs:ntfs

Beasty said...

Well all I have to say

I'm in IT myself, working in a very large ISP, has access to unix, linux, osx, win2k, winxp and windows vista of all these I choose vista for home.

That speaks for itself.

Beasty said...

I wanted to add something related to you Apple users, you people are bunch of masochistic psychos, Apple constantly lying to you, charge insane amounts of money for cheap parts from China, screwing you with spyware...

Stop buying their stuff until they begin to act civil!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I lost the mouse cursor in Vista Ultimate business edition. Nothing I do will recover the simple cursor. This can be fixed with a simple re-install. My i-book super drive failed after using it approx 5 times. Now I have to re-finance the house to get another. Its a 39.99 PC replacement. The e-mac was the worst machine ever created. Some have had good luck with the e-mac but when you support 100 and 60 fail at multiple hardware levels it is a disaster. Apple makes warranty purchasing easy but good luck finding the apple care ID# when it is shipped separately from the machine. You have to organize a file cabinet because if you don't you have no care and they love not to care without that ID. Vista and Leopard should be re-named Turtle. If you want a desktop geta PC with XP. If you want a laptop get a Mac and pray that it does not fail. Start the re-financing of the house soon. After 1 year that $1600 laptop is worthless.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't get you people! I built a PC last year and had to have a 64-bit OS, not being able to find 64-bit Xp anywhere, I got VISTA. It doesn't seem to be any worse to me than any other windows product has been at release. I've had to fiddle with it a lot to make it all work correctly but it's not terrible. With a 3.2 Ghz processor, 4Gb of RAM, and a GeForce 8800 it does well. Microsoft just needs to learn to FIX the damn problems before they release a new OS, face it folks, MS sucks, but the stuff works if you have the hardware for it. The biggest problem I've seen with people running Vista has been lack of RAM. It deosn't run for crap on 1Gb of RAM, you need 3-4 to be able for the computer to run fast. I'm no IT professional, but once you manage to turn off all the extraneous crap it's functional and I have few issues with it. So shut up and buy a decent computer instead of some $400 P.O.S. from Wal-Mart and Vista should run okay.

Francis M. said...

That Video says it all, it's halarious but all very, very, sadly true. Use OSX or Linux and save yourself the time, money, crashes, unreliability, and bloatware/virusus that is Windows.

Anonymous said...

I have had a new system for a year with VISTA.


I have been a Windows user for over 20 years and my next computer will be a MAC

DJYoshaBYD said...

Vista is horrible.. XP was too when it first came out, but they should have had all this ironed out before they sent it out.. I have been a computer tech since the early days of DOS.. And MS software has always been buggy..

I now run linux, and the setup was cake.. Everything worked with little or no config.. There was some asshole on here talking about "if you dont know how to use vista, then dont use it".. You, my friend, are the idiot.. here's why

If you go out and buy a new PC for 600 bucks, and it comes with windows vista, it should just work.. If the company that built the system put vista on there, then everything in the PC should be compatible.. The thing is, people are doing very basic things like installing AV software, adding a video card, UPDATING!! AND ALL GETTING BLUE SCREENS AND OS CRASHES!! When MS was in their anti-trust suit back in the day, they tried to say that MS Word crashed upon saving items randomly was a "user error".. That is bullshit.. hitting file, then save, should not crash the program, let alone the whole OS so that the PC has to restart.. Vista is garbage, and I hope MS goes under because of it.. Bill Gates.. FUCK YOU!!

The simple fact of the matter is, they didnt do their homework.. The simplest task or install, and the OS panics.. I have been using NOT using windows for about 3 months now, and have no desire to go back..

It just sucks, because I LOVE gaming, and in order to do it the easiest way, I still gotta use a dual booted partition with XP.. but that is all that I use it for.. XP was a great OS when compared to everything else MS does (and doesnt do) and they should have just left it.. And then whats with all the different versions? Thats the dumbest thing ever.. They are just doing everything they can to get more money.. Most people have NO CLUE as to the differences between home, premium, and ultimate.. They just see the screen doing pretty things and they like it..

My linux box is running compiz fusion on ubuntu 7.10, and I got more eye candy than I know what to do with.. My neighbors Mac is dope, and I can do alot of the visual things that he can do.. Windows looks kinda pretty.. but thats it

Another thing that MS did, was play off the fact the 90% of consumers are dumber than dogshit.. They see the new version of something, and they are just compelled to buy it.. Just dumb.. Most people dont even know why they "should" upgrade to vista.. They see new, and they want it..

I hate how everyone downs "PC's" just because every one you buy has windows.. if I showed someone my system who didnt know it was a PC, they would probably think I was running some sort of Mac.. Just because its a PC, doesnt mean it has to run windows..

It makes me mad that everyone is still down with windows, when you can do 99% of the same thing in linux for free.. People are scared of change.. I show them something thats not windows, and they just dont like it.. You know why? MS has had an illegal monopoly over the PC industry for as long as I can remember.. They have broken just about EVERY SINGLE anti-trust law in the book.. They have written shitty software for years; full of security holes and backdoors.. There are a few files in windows that keeps every site you have ever been to, along with any internet traffic, IPs, etc.. The "send error report" sends a snapshot of your system to MS.. I already had MS in my wallet, so why would I want them in my PC?

And finally, I DO NOT agree with the entertainment industry hindering what we can and cannot do on our computers.. And MS is of course going along with it.. Its the biggest crock.. Soon, we wont be able to do anything on our PC's, because they will be blocked from doing what some other people would say is malicious and wrong.. That would be like Christians sticking a bible under your head every night before you went to sleep.. Just because you think this is the right way, doesnt mean you can force your opinions and methods on me..

I am an internet child, and I will do what I want with my system.. Its MINE! No one else's!! MS interferes with every aspect of my computing when I am using windows, and I am tired of it..

Again, fuck MS, and fuck BG!!

Hope this sheds some light

DJYoshaBYD -- DSMtuners, Honda-Tech, FocusFanatics

Jason said...

Oh wow, and here I thought my issues with Vista stemmed from garbage obligatory bloatware and lack of foresight on MS' end.

Turns out I'm just not an IT specialist! I guess I need to attend a culinary institute to operate any future cooking tools as I've gotten complacent by expecting everything to be done for me without having to rewire my frying pan.

What is it about IT training that completely destroys one's ability to communicate with us mere mortals about PC's without sounding like an out of touch douchebag?

willywonkaisrsh said...

You wanna know whats great about PC's? They are cheap, the user can do anything they want with the OS just by tweaking anything in the registry, they work with almost every piece of hardware and software, and you can get them anywhere (even by building one yourself a piece at a time).
Wanna know whats great about a Mac? They are stable as hell, can handle any multimedia project you through at it, easy to setup and use (no trial software/security setup etc), and basically is just going to "work".
Ok, so now... Wanna know what sucks about PC's? They require alot of upkeep (updates/tweaking/remormating etc), suck at memory managment, not the most userfriendly thing around, and unless you buy a midrange-higherend system you are going to be pissed at how slow it is.
Finaly, wanna know what sucks about Mac? Expensive, not as easy to get a hold of (hardware/software etc), sometimes "too" userfriendly (forcing you to do what Tiger wants you to do), and not compatable with your 1996 HP printer.
Now thats out of the way, let me explain...
These are just some examples of how both systems have pro's and con's. Each system does one thing better than the other and and sucks at something else. Meaning, one system is right for one person and the other for another. Billy who happens to like video editing and updating is Antivirus really pisses him off is probably going to want a Mac. Chris who likes playing video games he downloaded from a torrent site is probably going to want a PC. Sarah who just wants to get on Myspace and post another 20 pics of herself could really use either one and probably not give a a crap. Sure, one system might give her a blue screen of death every now and then because she doesnt know how to take care of here sytem and update drivers, but the other is a little too damn expensive to just be using it to see who updated their profile on FaceBook.
The point is, neither PC or Mac is going to be better than the other for everyone it just depends on who you are and what you wanna do. So stop arguing and trying to prove the other wrong because Billy is always going to want to play games and Chris hates Service Packs.

Jason said...

The issue really isn't )or really shouldn't be about whether Mac is better than PC. Each has their uses and specialties.

This is about Vista being a lousy product comparable to Window ME (See also: Top 5 worst Tech Products of All Time).

It took seven years to develop and it's worse than XP was when it released. (XP released after Vista began development)

This is about a company releasing a problematic mess, and making it standard before it's time.

willywonkaisrsh said...

For all those people hating on Vista, Get SP1 and get over it. I have had Vista since it was first released and maybe it's just me, (because I know how to update drivers and instal patches accordingly) but I have had only one major problem with it so far. Tried to hack a theme file and screwed the whole system. No problem though, just did a system restore from the boot disc, took about ten minutes and everything was back to normal. Im not saying Vista doesnt have problems, but the problems have been very minor in my opinion. Every version of windows has had shit when they are first released. XP was way worse off when it came out and took alot longer before it got its first service pack.
Also, Vista requires much more out of it's machine than XP, so for those people that think XP kicks Vista's ass, it probably has alot to do with your 2001 Dell.
Last thing. Everyone on this post putting down vista needs to starting giving some examples of why Vista sucks so bad for them. The only reason I have heard Vista sucks is because it's not OSX.

Jason said...

Service Pack Issues:

1. Most third party anti-virus/spyware programs fail to install or function. Forcing you to use Windows Defender which, is already infamous for being hole filled and, waiting for MS to fix them may not be an issue for you but my family's business relies on our PC's as do many, many others. Backups still take time. Windows Defender will actually delete files it considers spyware without your consent or knowledge.

2. It doesn't support Office 2000 which, many people still use, so you need to buy a new version, which is expensive. Another 75 dollars to the bill.

3. Most affordable PC's have 1-2 gigs, which many find is not enough to run this OS out of the box, along side applications.

3. Only select business versions can downgrade. I own a normal version out of six so I don't have that "right". MS made sure to take control out of it's users hands as best they could. XP was the same but Vista is far more simplified with greater lack of control.

4. It is NOT acceptable to have to upgrade your PC right out of the box just to run an application because the PC you bought doesn't have enough RAM to cover the OS and the applications you need that were all part of the same package.
Various problems/workarounds

monitor issue.

Vista's security is one of the worst seen in an OS.

Issues with graphics/gaming -that were promised to not exist:

If I need to wait a year or more for MS to fix my OS, then Microsoft should have to wait a year or two for everyone to have to buy it. (new PC's come standard with Vista now.)

Instead it treats it's users like a forced R&D team/lab rats and it falls to us to report issues for them and having to suffer through tedious problem solving that people at Microsoft get paid to do. Only we pay them to research/locate their OS's flaws on our time and dollar. If our business suffers for it, oh well.

7 YEARS. 7 YEARS and this is what they have to show for it. My business relies on my PC's as do millions of others. Waiting for service packs to handle problems that should have been fixed before it's release is ridiculous. Don't tell people to "get over it". I tmakes you look like someone who has nothing better to do with your PC than run game.

McCall said...

My experience with Vista began with Beta 2 and ended with RC1. The only problem I experienced was with sleep mode (not waking from, to be more precise) and MS assured me this would be fixed in the final release. While I found the interface pleasing, I found nothing in Vista compelling enough to make me buy it.
Never an early adopter, I didn't touch XP before SP2 and missed ME entirely. I plan on waiting for Windows 7 on the chance that it's the next XP.
In the meantime, I'm running 98SE and W2K on my older boxes and XP, XP64 and Ubuntu on my newer machines.
I am a pragmatist; let's face it, it's a Windows world. If it were a Mac world, I would own a Mac.
Some people really have an "us and them" mentality (sorry Pink Floyd) when it comes to operating systems, cheering for Mac or Windows with all the zeal of drunken soccer fans. I just go with what works for me. Right now, that's Windows-but that might change in the future.
When and if I do ditch Windows, I doubt I'll be switching to Mac. Somehow, I don't see swapping Bill Gates for Steve Jobs as an upgrade.
A Windows-free future for me probably means Linux unless something better comes along (IBM OS/3 ???)...

Anonymous said...

I got vista and i cant play games worth s**t. 7 games installed and 12 that dont work

Willywonkaisrsh said...

Dear Jason,
Let's go over a couple of your "facts" about Vista.
In #1, Windows Defender has the same database as all the other Antispyware programs out there so if it has black holes, so does everything else. As far as it deleting spyware/viruses without your knowledge, that could actually be a good thing depending on who you are. Personally, I hate being asked every time a program finds crap on my computer if I want to keep it or not. However, if you want this feature in Defender, just change the settings under options to do so.
In #2, as a matter of fact it does fully support Office 2000. The only problem Vista had at first was a problem with Outlook giving error messages but has been fixed with an update.
#3. More then 2 gig's of ram? Are you kidding? No software needs more than 2 gig's of ram and Vista by itself definetly doesnt need more than 2 gig's. If the recomended requirments to run Crysis on vista is 1.5 gig's then you know 2 gig's is enough.
As far as #4, see #3.
With the "monitor issue" well that has nothing to do with Vista, just any hardware that tries to play Hd content, including Playstation 3.
Vista's security does suck, actually Windows security sucks, and if you didnt know that already and tried to just use windows security instead of 3rd party app's your a jackass.
The part about graphic issues, well, I dont even know what to say. I guess the only thing I can say is that artical was written over a year ago, a month after Vista's release. Those problems have all been adressed by now. they were probably addressed a week after that artical. I have played F.E.A.R all the way through twice and never once had a problem, and that was before Sp1. I think the only problem with games not running on Vista has everything to do with people and there $50 video cards.
I dont mean to point out all the flaws in everything your saying, but it's bullshit! It just makes me so angry that so many people keep listing all the problems with Vista when the only problem is the user themeselves. I just dont understand how I got so lucky to have been one of the only people that got a "special" copy of Vista that doesnt fuck up?

pecky said...

The reason Windows sucks when you use it extensively but works when you only use it for things like e-mail and word processing, is because Windows was designed not to let you do stupid things, thus making it impossible for you to do 'smart' things.

E-mail, Internet and word processing are quite monotone and simple activities. Modifying a kernel on the other hand...

On Linux, you, as root user, can customize anything.

On Windows, you, as administrator user, can only modify things Windows lets you modify.

If you want freedom, choose Linux.
If you want the basics, choose Windows.
I'm not sure about Mac because I don't use it.

McCall said...


Does spellcheck work with Vista?

Even the most insightful and eloquent argument loses it's effect when riddled with misspellings and bad grammar...

Willywonkaisrsh said...


I wrote that comment on XP at work in Notepad, so sorry for the mistakes. And now that you mention it, I dont think Vista does have spellcheck... Oh my God! Vista doesnt have spellcheck! We can finally stop arguing about whats wrong with Vista. It's not directx10 that makes Vista suck. Its because it doesnt have spellcheck. And all be damned if I have to wait for a Service Pack to fix that. I guess Im off to buy a Mac. It has to have spellcheck. Right? Well, thanks McCall for helping us solve the mystery of why Vista sucks. Are you sure you didnt have help from Nancy Drew? I heard she has a mac. She probably uses it to solve all her mysteries.

Anonymous said...

vista uses 4 times the resouces of leopard. Running leopard on a vista ready laptop would be like the computer would be on red bull!! Without the crash

McCall said...


I don't think your relationship with Vista is a healthy one. You should get out more.
While you're out, you should consider purchasing a new keyboard; your apostrophe key doesn't seem to be working properly.

Willywonkaisrsh said...


You are so right. My relationship with Vista has been a little rocky. We keep getting into a lot of fights. Were about to start counseling for it. I hope it helps. And you know what? I am going to start getting out more, to go buy that new keyboard, because, once again, you were right. The apostrophe key is broken! Your always right McCall. I dont know what I would do without you? Oh, wait. Yeah I do. Be able to post comments without some asshole bitching about grammer.

McCall said...

willywonkaisrsh: misspelled grammar.

willywonkaisrsh said...

And im going to continue to misspell grammer until i spend $2000 and buy a Mac with that super spellcheck on it like you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, when you spend good money to buy an OS like Vista, you expect it to work and work well. I do not upgrade because I like dishing out extra money, I do so because the OS is supposed to bring benefits to my computing experience. Not daily crashes.

Seriously. My vista-driven computer gives me the blue screen at least once a day. I am appalled.

Bleeping junk. Period.

willywonkaisrsh said...

For the person that got the blue screen of death every day, what are the system specs for the computer you were using? Just wondering.

McCall said...


Actually, I've never owned a Mac and to be completely honest I don't use spellcheck all that much. You see, I learned all about spelling, punctuation and grammar in a place called elementary school. Perhaps you should try it; you could audit the third grade and it would cost much less than 2000 dollars.
As for Vista, I'm sure spellcheck works just fine with it. I'm not maligning Vista so much as calling you a moron.

Anonymous said...

Vista will not work well with
a 2x3ghz processor
3GB of ram
2x nvidia 8600gt (512MBddr2 each)
need i say more.....
IE i can run crisis on vista at 42FPS
as on xp i am 60+FPS

Jason said...

Re: Wonka
Well I concede that some of those issues may have been fixed for some people. However, not everyone has access to the internet to download what MS should have had fixed in the seven years before it released and forced anyone buying a new PC to purchase and use before it was fixed.

I also noticed you seemed to cherry pick certain arguments that you were able to defend, while also resorting to childish insults and self congratulatory bragging as you started out with here.

Normally, I find grammar attacks weak at best but, when people are trying to come off as smart as you it's ironic.
You see, your grammar mistakes would probably be less glaring if you weren't so damn full of yourself. Coupled with the fact that, with all your self-proclaimed intellect, you still manage to troll the internet championing Microsoft's OS like you're defending your own family and feel the need to insult the intelligence of everyone you disagree with, with stereotypical angry internet nerd hyperbole. Funny, you're so good at computers but, you're lost without a computer aided spell check.

Hey look at me! look at me! *Brainy Smurf voice* I know how to patch my PC, I have no problems because I'm knowledgable about programming, so by that logic, no one else should have ANY problems! If they do, well they're just stupid jackasses! As long as I don't experience any issues the OS is just fine.
How myopic.

My new laptop stopped playing DVD's a week after I bought it. I had to do a complete system restore. I used it four times offline. Just stopped working. I know, I know, I probably ended up chewing on it and shorted something out, because to you, if people don't or can't scan the internet all damn day looking for work around's to inexcusable problems, they're just cavemen.

The worst thing about computer guys like you is that you adhere to the obnoxious "Well if I took the time to figure it out, than no one else has the right to complain" mentality. Like you're so damn narrow-minded that you can't possibly bring yourself to try to understand anyone else's situation or means. Then you insult them for not having the free time to learn and do, what you do.

Are you lucky? Maybe. However, I really just think you don't use your PC for anything truly important (i.e. just games. Seeing as how you cited Crysis as you're main argument, pretty much implying you are a PC power gamer with an overpriced e-peen flexing rig) and the problems haven't come up for you, so can't understand anyone else's situation but your own.

I'd bring up other issues and keep the troll fed but seriously, you're not the kind of person who is going be reasonable.

You started out condescending and belligerent and you're now into the second stage of trolling, the passive insults phase.
This is a cause for you and you really don't care.

I would have simply admitted you were right on some things but you're just looking to fight.
That alone, ruins your arguments.

McCall said...

I believe chance plays a large role in the Vista experience for most people. Installing and/or updating software or drivers is like playing Russian roulette. Some people get lucky, others don't.
Vista was a disaster from the beginning; it fell way behind schedule and went to market missing its most revolutionary feature: WinFS.
I don't see Vista as an upgrade to XP any more than I saw ME as an upgrade to 98SE.
Microsoft is a marketing company that also produces software. XP SP2 is their crowning achievement and quite possibly the peak of Window's reign as the dominant desktop OS.

F0l2saken said...

Why would you use a macintosh for 10 years? When you walk into most stores, where do you find the software for a macintosh? Is it behind the counter or something, funny, because I never can seem to find it anywhere, and why should I, who wants to develop software for an overpriced pile of shit.

In fact, when has macintosh came out with an add that doesn't insult someone before coming to their point? All the new mac adds they try to insult the ibm. You know why? Macintosh clearly has to bring pcs down to their level before they can compete with them, why else do they constantly insult them?

Why has macintosh been caught countless times rigging tests when they compare a mac to an ibm, and yes that's no joke. mac has cheated in the tests countless times. Even the people who make macs know they are piles of shit, why else would they cheat on tests? Can any of you mac snoots that think you're better than everyone else with your 3 grand piles of shit explain that?

What's this right here?

Do you know why IBMS don't rig tests against macs? Because a mac is like a little dog barking at your feet, when you get sick of it, you just step on it, and the game is over.

My quad core intel xeon with xp will shit on any macintosh ever made, and you can take that to the bank! (I don't have to cheat in benchmarks either :) )

willywonkaisrsh said...

To McCall and Jason...

Just wanted you guys to know that I'm trully sorry for my horrible spelling/grammar and childish behavior. I really screwed up and I didnt mean to hurt anyones fellings. I dont think I will every be able to use spellcheck the way you guys do and I should of never tried.
Also, I wanted to thank both of you for showing me the truth... that getting on a forum entitled Vista Sucks to try and defend it because I was just bored at work was the worst thing I could of ever done. You will not have to worry about me filling this forum with rubish because I will never get on it again. I have other things to do, like play Crysis on my crazy ass gaming rig that I paid $1,000,000 for. Yeah, it may be dumb, but it beats the hell out of picking out people on forums and writing long ass comments about how that person spelled some words wrong on there post. I'm not maligning Vista so much as calling you guys fucking fags.
Hope you get your DVD player to work soon Jason. I dont want you to go off on somebody on a forum because you didnt get your daily dose of gay porn videos.

Rosie said...

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Anonymous said...

Vista is dumb and windows 7 will be even dumber.

In MS's eyes Smudge screen technology is going to replace the most effective tool for controlling movement(game angles), not freaking likely.

Retarded analysts are already trying to boast MS future plan for how the PCs will work,computer-mouse-heading-for-extinction.aspx

Just because MSoft wants to push windows 7 crap on us does not mean the masses will accept it. Who the hell would want to sit so close to their monitor they have to touch it and wipe it constantly when one can sit 10 feet back and use a wireless mouse and keyboard. When you can use a HDtv as your monitor instead of a stupid overpriced monitor that MS thinks everyone wants to go out and buy.

Fact is the mouse and keyboard are some of the most dirty germ infested things in everyones house. How Microsoft could see adding the monitor to the lot a good idea i will never know, well it must be so they can push brand new monitors and hardware on people.
Heck i know that i want other people to have to touch my monitor to work the PC... Females with long nails mmmmm scratches incoming. But hey i guess we can all just buy a new monitor every month...
Heck i know when i am playing a PC game i want my hands in the way so i can not see what the heck is happening...

But hey lets listen to analysts and so called experts who know jack about anything. They know what we want and need better then we do right?

Just what i am looking for an even worse OS then vista.

Anonymous said...

I used cracked version of xp for so many years, i felt obligated to buy vista as a kinda of support. Never again will i buy MS crap. XP was alright, if you could stay ontop of the security, vista installed new, works ok, but update it once and youre screwed.
Vista is like a godsend, it actually turned me into a linux user.
With ubuntu 8.04 being just as easy to navigate through, i know the open source community has so much more than what vista charges us for.
My Solution, ubuntu and for the apps i need that wont run in wine, i got vista installed in virtualbox, and let me tell you, it actually runs better as a virtual os than it did as standalone on my pc.
Mainly because i limit the memory the whole pig gets, but i found a much better solution, i run xp in virtul environment, and let me tell you, with ubuntu as god, ms has to play by the rules, in my pc, first time it talks back it kill it.
Now i dont have a super fast pc, still on AMD 64 athln single core, but liek i said, i could run ubuntu with vista and xp in virtual box at same time, and even run warcraft WOW, in wine and all was stable and working ok.
Real funny thing is, vista on this pc by itself would run like crap.
Second day i had it, i tried to copy some stuff from thumb drive , some videos and was going to fire up window movie maker and test it. Problem was had a hell of a time getting my videos off the card onto the desktop, second problem is , that even though the files were compatable with movie maker, it would run about 30 minutes, then crach the application.
So vista has a hard time running its own software.
I honestly think ubuntu/linux is getting the upperhand, hell i play games and all that in wine just fine. World of warcraft actually plays better in wine than in vista.
And when it comes to workhorse, linux has all the bells and whistels plus infinite more working power than vista or any ms junk. Now im stuck with a cd i can sell, because no onw i know is a windows user anymore, they all went to ubuntu after i showed them my setup.
Sorry Billy, ubuntu dont force broken update on me. And i always though linux was supposed to be too complicated for normal users, but ubuntu is very simple to use, they have all there stuff in order and the best help ever, normal people like us and i dont have to activate it over the phone with habob the 7-11 jerk, though i seemed to notice now that after re-installing window on pc and in virtual pc both automatically activated under the same serial number ok, and both are now valid genuine legit copies even though im sharing the serial between them. They must have figured the india activation was killing them or tying up india phone lines causing a threat to their national security.
I think i read somewhere that bill gates still pays some of his no technical employees minimum wage??? that cheap ass, just outsource some more crap to india, im sure things will get better, as for me, linux 4ever now, and if i use a windows product, it will always be in virtual enviroment so i am virtually bent over and not really bent over the ms servicing table, and i will not be using a legit version either, mslegit=toomany bugs. Hackers dont liek it either, not becasue the security is improved, but a vistims vista wont stay up long enough to expoit, i guess that is their security plan, "lets make vista so unstable that hackers dont have time to break in" I see no bill screen of death in linux, and it works like i need everytime. Thank you bill gates for also whoing me that office 2007 is insuperior to open office.
With linux , ms looks like a kid who can not even copy correctly> Sure it looks good, but not as good as all my fancy flashy effect in compiz, on 2 screens with abotu 10 desktops, nows how is ready for profuctivity.
The only thing vista is good for is bad xp and headaches, but im sure this was all part of the ms plan. Make em use and get tired of vista so when new nonsense ms products come out and dont look as goos, ppl will think that is must have the productivity that vista so lacked.

ubuntu-eats-ms-and shits-out-apples said...

oh i have to say i forgot to mention a few things.
1. Had vista lock me out of my pc with a wierd error about the user profile being broken, and since admin is off by default, had no way of even tryin to repair. If admin is used for these purposes, to fix things in the system, then it dont make sense to tuen off by default. Solution, complete re-install and loss of data.
2. About a week into vista, i tried to copy everything from one hard drive to another, beside the fact that is only took about 2 hours to copy 25 gb of non system data, when it was done i checked and seen the files were there, so i rebotted, formatting the hardrive to prepair for another os, got the new os installed and logged back ingto vista to find that my data was still there, where i copied to , but all was corrupted. Pictures everything, and no exe files copied, most folder were blank and no iso's would burn. So i put my trust into this big bad os and lost 25gb of data. I will never trust storing anything using vista.
3. After collecting more stuff and needing to re-install vista, becaue of too many Bill Screen Of Death, i attempted to burn a dvd of the files i did not want to loose. wanst happening, not with vistas cs write app or anything else. I tried to do nero, wasnt happening, would casue a bsod when it would try to setup a virtual cd.
4. the third time i re-installed vista, due to bsod and programs just not loading anymore where they did b4, i got what i think was the eequal to bsod during setup. I mean, really, is it so buggy that the installer has a hard time ?
5. Biggest problem was loss of productivity. Its hard to work when your pc is contantly working in background making sure areo is running ok is more important that hoggin up half the sys recourced to make sure the os is stable. Hey we dont vote for the fat ugly chich in a beauty contest do we? No , we dont even care how dumb she is, as long as she looks good.

All were solved with ubuntu, and now i have more looks and working power than i though my pc could do.
Bill gate works likwe our USA government, it thinks it knows what the people want, imposes their fucked up values onto us, make us all out to be incompetent idiots and.or criminals, and claims that we are better off now than b4.

As far as downgrades to xp, c'mon people get real, dont be rude, use the correct ms terminology, "An upgrade to a previous freindly version" LOL that make me almost shit my pants everytime i hear it.

ubuntu-eats-ms-and shits-out-apples

Anonymous said...

ok first of all the term mac vs pc is all wrong because pc means personal computer and im pretty sure most of u use your macs as normal desktops or laptops now then in terms of oses ive used everything vista is by far one of the worst the only upside is direct x 10.1 but mac isnt far behind they been useing the same core and kernal for 20 years just updateing it for new hard ware and makeing the gui better and if you get the right flavor of linux it can look like any other os and run almost the same but its lighter on the hardware but to realy compaire you have to have 1 computer sextuple booting (6 oses) windows (xp, vista) mac fedora9 ubuntu 8.04 pclOS

Goose said...

I blew out vista for Ubuntu (linux) and i am SOOOOOOO much happier

Goose said...

My Vista horror story - I wanted skype so i could talk to a friend so i install it and find out my microphone isn't working so i spend 10 mins and get it working. Not horrible but still a pain. Here's where the trouble starts.... I go to skype and try the test call thing. Guess what! It connects, rings, then I see a screen filled with the nicest blue! So I start searching and eventually came out with a solution, hours later...

Also for all those with vista woes, look into linux. I use Ubuntu and it has less driver issues then the vista I used (Pre-SP1) and has almost all drivers pre-loaded (don't worry about space as some share pieces which cuts down on the space) Plus i can get the equivalent of almost any windows program for free! On top of that when i switched I went from constantly using the page file to running completely in ram!

Anonymous said...

So I bought a brand new HP Tablet PC about 2 months ago, and I received the blue screen more than 20 times already, sometimes twice in the same day. The Reliability graph is already down to less than 1 out of 10. And because I am a staunch and stubborn Microsoft customer, I refuse to try Linux or Mac OS X or any other OS; I know how to use Microsoft OSs so I'll stick to them. But here's my plan: patiently ride out the next few months until all the bugs are fixed in Vista and it starts to work just as reliably (if not more so) than XP, and then stick to it for the next couple of years. If any major bugs with Windows 7 are revealed, I'll wait until they've been fixed before upgrading. I've always wanted to be an early adopter of new Microsoft products, but I think I'm going to wait until I see what other users' reactions are to Windows 7. The cool new features probably won't be worth a reliability of 1 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is "The Reliability graph"?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is "The Reliability graph"?

SK81681 said...

Vista is the mecca of OSes. I was first introduced to it about a year ago and absolutely hated it. The transition from XP wasnt an easy one. but after about a month, once you've you start getting familiar with it, you can easily see its superiority. I am running Vista Ultimate x64. Absolutely no problems. In the beginning, there were alot of compatibilty issues (probably the x64 platform) but with the new service packs, its all gravy. If you are dumb enough that you cant use Vista without any problems, then you should probably using 98 or *cringe* Mac. Ill agree that Bill Gates is the most evil man of this generation, but the fact is he makes a damn good product. Ive cracked a version of Vista Home x32 and Vista Ultimate x64. So to anyone that wants a free copy, my email is I am giving away free copies of the two OSes to get people to switch over. FUCK MAC. Peace.

Goose said...

If you get used to any os you will think the same as the previous poster, for example I switched to Ubuntu (linux) and I cringe when I go back to XP because I like Linux better. Its all about personal prefrence and experience. Its also about how much control you want over your OS, if you want more control go linux, if you want medium control go XP for medium-low go vista and lower go with mac. At least as far as I can tell

Anonymous said...

My horror story:

Playing AoE III, somehow there was already a multi player account, I wanted to ask if they could check who's E-mail it was. I then went to for the first time for support, and it says "You have USED your help request, please pay 35$ to E-mail, IM or call us"

I was 7 at the time.

Anonymous said...


dbuis said...

Using Vista for a year with no problems.

I really like how you mactards say "Mac's can run windows, it's the end of bill gates"..

Uh, no. Mac's can run windows, you have to buy windows, you pay bill gates to run windows on that machine. It's the end of PC makers, not the operating system it runs on.

Also morons, if you don't like the memory resources being used, disable SpeedBoost or buy a thumb drive.

If I run OSX on a 64mb ram Crapintosh, it won't run worth a shit either.

dbuis said...

90% of the company is made up of Administration. Why would they need Vista to do administrative tasks?

Anonymous said...

theres a article from chris pirillo that says a Microsoft employee found out half of Microsoft's computer isnt vista ready. bloody bloatware

Anonymous said...

I have a Vista SP1 Upltimate machine, a Linux Debian machine, a Ubuntu Machine, a XP Pro Machine and an OS X 10.4 hackintosh. For as much as possible I use the Debian. For my CAD jobs I use the XP Pro because the software for these is simply not available for Linux or Mac. I have tried installing the CAD programs in Vista, they don't run. Plain and simple. Vista does not work for me, it's useless. Yes maybe the programs have updates that fix the issues in Vista but that would cost serious money. Why spend more to fix something I already have working elsewhere?

dbuis said...

You're retarded, CAD works fine on my Vista laptop, emulate it in XP Mode.

Anonymous said...

long term DOS- win3.1 - Win95 - WinME - XP user and software instructor (XP has been decent) and now reluctant VISTA user.

I have long time Windows user friends who spent $2K for a new Power Mac and running XP - I am doing the same!

VISTA has been the last straw!

Anonymous said...

You guys are morons.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am on my third clean install of Vista Home Premium. Yep. Third. Normally, I would not choose to allot half a day for this arduous task at this type of churn rate, but the bluescreens become unmanageable.

I finally got Vista to be semi stable last month, then I ran some new window updates that were both important and recommended (what does Microsoft suggest I do, ignore them when they are flagged critical?) and bluescreens o' plenty have come back with a vengeance.

So, I want to protect myself. I update my computer to the most recent updates and slip, slide and away? Microsoft, this OS and revolving soap opera is an abomination.

Service Pack 1, Service Smhack 1. It did not help my computer much. (HP Desktop, Hyper-Threading P4)

I paid good money for this OS. And now I am told it's being backburnered for Windows 7? Talk about having post-purchase dissonance. Well, I will think long and hard before I ever shell out good money again for a MS product.


Anonymous said...

Bud, your computer is mediocre at best. If you're getting alot of bluescreens, you have hardware issues or are screwing with system files or you've been downloading infected files.

rshiggins said...

If you have not figured it out by now, Vista is basically a Windows 7 beta release, or you could say that Windows 7 is Vista SP2. Either way, Microsoft had to give the public something, since it had been forever since the release of XP, so they released whatever they had so far of Windows and called it Vista. The only real problem with Vista is that people pay for it. Everyone needs to get familiar with Torrents and take an hour to download, install, and crack Vista. For all the people that keep getting blue screens or any other errors, update all your drivers, make sure your antivirus is working, and make sure you don't have less than 4.0 in the Experience Index. If your still having problems than you probably don't know what you are doing and maybe you deserve to blow 2k on a Mac. I have had Vista since day 1, I have not had any problems with it, and it was completely free. If you really think that something is wrong with Vista, even after you have done what you are supposed to in order to get it to work, than post the problem in detail addressed to me and I will try to help you out.
PS. To those people that are getting blue screens... write down the code that is on the blue screen before you force your pc to restart, then Google the code to try and find out what the problem is. Its a lot cheaper than buying a Mac.

Planeto Keitho said...

Excellent video! It really nails the infernal OS, and pretty much everything said therein is true!
When I got Vista with my brand new PC, it reminded me of a shiny new automobile. Little did I know this "new" transportation was actually made up in a chop shop, with a fresh coat of paint to make it look good. In no time at all bits and pieces began to fall off as I took my new wheels on the freeway.
First of all, Windows Media Player went down, never to work again. Okay, there's a whole bunch of free media players out there, so that was no big deal.
Then, other errors crept in, little things, like the recycle bin failing to work, (it looked full when it was empty, and vice versa) and, one by one, all of the gadgets just went on a one-way trip into the great digital ether.
I don't need a gadget telling me about the weather, or the NASDAQ, but separate me from my "Daily Dilbert," and then I really do see red!
One fine day, after the anti-virus software decided it wouldn't talk to Vista anymore, I just backed everything up on to an external HDD, then wiped Vista and installed Ubuntu instead!
Now, that is an operating system worth the name! Why? Because it actually operates!
There are so many great apps available for it, and they're all free!
What will "Windows 7" be like? Who cares? Not me!
I think anybody who believes that this version of the OS is going to be any better than any of the previous ones is going to need some serious analysis to shake them out of their delusions!

CountryLifeStyle said...

Planeto Keitho Thank You For Advertising The Operating System Ubuntu ... I Hate Vista, I Liked Xp Pro Best ,But Now They Want To Take It Off The Market ... GoodBye MicroSoft !

Anonymous said...

Finally had to buy a new computer. Two major lessons:
-- Never buy an HP. Their printers are fine, but they totally screwed their PC business a few years back. And the service is atrocious.
-- VISTA DOES INDEED SUCK. Loads of my software, some of it pretty new, did not work on VISTA. It comes loaded with CRAP-WARE. It operates eratically, with unexplainable breakdowns in function, inability to store passwords even when you click "save password" ... the list goes on.


Anonymous said...

Windows Vista is, without question, the single biggest hunk of shit ever foisted on the American public. I bought a brand new Gateway PC four months ago with PLENTY of RAM and hard drive capacity, and the only things I've added to it are Norton's anti-virus and anti-spyware products. 99.9% of my time on my PC is taken up by surfing the internet or sending/receiving e-mail. I'm not a gamer, nor do I do any media editing, etc. Occasionally, I download tunes from my CDs to my iTunes program or burn a CD from that program. That's it.

Yet my PC is CONSTANTLY locking up, requiring me to use the task manager to escape from the program that's frozen. This evening alone I've had to do it no less than 5 times. When I see that fucking little green wheel whirring around, I know it's locked up again.

My next PC ... and every other PC that I buy in this lifetime ... will most definitely be a Mac. I will never own another Windows-based computer. I suspect that Microsft is going to find out the hard way that there is a limit to just how much shit the consumer will eat before rebelling. I know I've reached mine.

Fuck Microsoft.

dbuis said...

You guys are still morons and repeatedly prove you know nothing just by what you all describe.

Go buy a Mac you morons, and pay 2x the normal cost.

rshiggins said...

completely agree with dbuis.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys all need to give Microsoft a little more credit. Because of Windows Vista, we've had two great, incredible years of Mac/PC commercials. Yes, thanks to Vista, we've all learned to laugh a little bit harder. Unless you're still using it. In that case, I recommend upgrading to a different Windows Operating System. Any of the previous 5 versions including: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME or XP would be in order. I personally upggaded to XP after about 15 minutes. Isn't it time to say, "Hasta La Vista, Vista"?

Genoman said...

I tried out Vista but never installed it as I use older computers. On my current HP 2.8 I am running Ubuntu a Linux distribution. I have some difficultly with it but at least have many people supporting it and all the software including the OS is free to me to use.

I see no reason to actually pay hundreds for a new computer or for software with so many other less expensive, even free, and good alternatives, which are are available.


tony said...

I do IT support, vista is the worst piece of crap I even seen IE: error 815, Microsoft does not know how to fix it who does¿ I uses to think WIn ME was bad til vista was put out, and Apple lets stop the money grubbing and offer a machine at a realistic price, why would I buy a mac when I can get a PC with more power for a third the price, Mac user's this link below says it all trike Via a sports bike and Microsoft I hope windows 7 is a lot better that your last attempt

tony said...

Oh!! I forgot to mention linux rocks and is free. Microsoft and Apple you keep on the same path you are going, you will be forcing users more and more to a free OS, get wise if your want to survive, I would pour my money into something that is free to make it ever better if possible. for being free they are doing a excellent job. seriously wise up! "figure head" Bill and lets call the other one "I am money hungry" Steve

Tony: A very big non fan of Mac and Microsoft's if we can call it a operating system Vista, well lets not because is far from being one.

Anonymous said...

I have one single question to ask for those individuals that say bad things about Vista:WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU?!TO QUESTION MICROSOFT ON WHAT TO DO AND NOT DO?? First ,if you don't like a product DON'T BUY IT!!!,I may tell you that,buying something that you can't handle,you may hurt you're self one day(I,HOPE),or if now(in present) is for you, the first time you are learning how to speak,(like an 3y.o.,others learn at 2&half)or how to use a machine,I tell you is bad,bad because an 3y.o. can already surf the Internet for stuff...information,whatever.....Vista is not the problem,the problem is YOU!You that does not know anything about how to use computers,to use them in what you are suited for(gamers,programmers....etc.)First of all,the piracy is the big f*cking problem,...I mean,others don't buy products,they just bay them,so.....still,they whant just the good out of Microsoft's Vista O.S. I tell you that, this thing to come,the piracy problem,is a bad,bad evolution to our entire world.There is some places in this BiG Planet,that piracy general meaning,takes a slowdown action....good.So, my point is, next time, when you have problems, with you're computers ,I don't know....compatibility problems,or what else, I can remind you, that you can tell Microsoft about problems by sending reports to them,when problems occures in windows,they have a KB(knowledge base)and they expect a 89% of problems to occure sometimes,why a 89% rate......hahahahahaha this one is good, when piracy is STOPED for GOOD, then a 7-8% rate is A WELCOME!And it's nobody else problem's,that YOU don't have a friendly guy like me, sitting next to you and listening to you're confesions, about having problems in windows, or whatever..,lots of individuals like me are spreaded outside.....hehe it's you're move, to find THEM! :P , just makeing funny of YOU.....and don't,please don't ask me,who the fuck do I think I am, because I am a normal person like you,that has the same rights to say whatever the f*ck I whant to say.

rshiggins said...

I feel bad for who ever wrote that last comment...

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me when this POS O/S will finally be made stable? I mean, how many times does it have to crash in a given day? Is it too much to ask less than twice? Yesterday really pissed me off, though. Had a lot of work in notepad and the thing crashed. Lost all my work. Now 7 is coming and my investment in Vista tanked worse than the stock market. This has been a huge disappointment for me. I will think twice before ponying up next time. Thanks for reading.

rshiggins said...

For those people that complain about all the money they lost with Vista, its your fault for not learning how to use a torrent site and get any software you want for free. People that pay for software instead of doing a little work to get it for free piss me of.

CranstonCorner said...

There Is A Lot Of People Talking Trash About People Trying To Steal Vista & That's Why It Works Like Garbage . I Don't Download . My Version Came With My Brand New LapTop . Vista Is Garbage ! Period ! Now All You Roddents From MicroSoft Can Stop With Your B.S..

This Blog Is To Help People ... So They Can Learn That Free Operating Systems Run Better Than Vista & They Can Vent Or Even Possiably Get To The Bottom Of The Problems They Are Having With Vista .

So People Who Are On This Blog Because Your Version Of Vista Is Crapping Out Or You Want To See If You Should Get Vista ... Do A Key Word Search For Free Operating Systems . I Had My LapTop Done Over With A Free Operating System . Matter Of Fact It Was One Listed In SomeOne's Blog Here . Called Ubuntu , But There Are A Lot To Choose From . Here's A Link To Check Out A Varity Of Free Operating Systems ...

Please No One Be Fooled By MicroSoft & They're Employees Or These Crack Pot Computer Expert -Wannabe's . Window Is Suppose To Be A User Friendly Operating System , They Aren't AnyMore . I Use To Like Windows A Lot But After Using Vista & Then Watching This These Tricks Like Windows Majauve Commercial . Where It's Really Windows Vista . It Goes To Show You Word Of Mouth Is Getting Around About All Vista's Failures . MicroSoft Never Did A Commercial Like That Before .? Why ? ... They Want People To Try It Once It Works Good For The First 3 - 4 Months . It Takes A While For All The Bugs To Come Out .

Well I Used To Love It At First & Then ... I Ended Up With Freeze Up's & Then I Started Having Problems With Drivers . Like Most On This Site .

Well For All The People Like Me Who Ended Up Getting Taken By MicroSoft , Not Much You Can Do , Wipe The Egg Off Your Face & Maybe Try A Free Operating System . Once Word Of Mouth Gets Around That The Free Operating Systems Work Better Than MicroSoft's Vista .

Then Maybe They'll Finailly Put Some Hard Work To Fix The Problems Rather Than Try To Blame Their Customers .

Anonymous said...

To rshiggins:
You don't have to feel bad,about me,if you don't know what you'r talking about,plz don't say a FUCKING WORD! mind of you'r own bussines, and keep the post on the subject.I didn't reffer to a "somebody" or "x"or"y"or"z",I reffered to an INDIVIDUAL,that's why I FEEL BAD FOR YOU, because I didn't reffered to you directly,if you got offensed,it's you'r problem.(same anonymous that wrote at "January 8, 2009 10:03 PM"

Anonymous said...'re makeing you'r own end,encourageing people to "share"(steal)brake the law,hahahaaa nice. :)) :)):)))lololol

Anonymous said...

such a spammer......all of you! lool

rshiggins said...

To Anonymous:
Didnt mean to hurt your feelings, i was just saying that i feel bad for you beacuse its clear your autistic. Anyone could tell just by reading any of your comments. I just wish we could discover a cure for retardation or atleast find a way to prevent people with your disability from getting on the internet and filling up forums with comments that dont make any sense.

Anonymous said...

To rshiggins:
Let's say,I like Vista too much,for me it works great,no BSOD(NEVER) or whatever,crashes,freezes[try to purchase a Vista Certified Motherboard,and VGA,and RAM,and PS,and Input devices,all must be Vista Certified,in order to run aswell,driver update required(monthly)]...then I tried to say something by posting here my opinion,but when I saw all the posts about vista-that,vista-there,isn't god at all....then what's left for me to tell?????How stupid you must be to say such things that,Microsoft tries to steal you'r money,or they don't work to hard to make something better....I don't get it!So here are my reactions,not that I don't feel free to post anymore,but people should learn to ask or get help,from the right place,not some any spot on the Internet,where everybody shares they're problems,are you an IT?? are you all IT's?? do you think you know enough about anything??..before you buy it,make sure you can h-a-n-d-l-e it.Because all you're posts share nothing but, hate,war,disapointment is this all about?Anyway it's you're waste of time.Yes, and I will say again that Vista is god,better than it's predeccessors,use it for games,movies,InternetEx,messenger,anything that should run better on Vista,currently I will plan to make my own network(home-network)all PCs will run Vista.Btw, do you study pshycology rshiggins?Because you're wrong.If you could understant the term AUTISM,and not studying psycology,I bet that you were like that once in you're life,or, are you becomeing one again? - ask you're self. P.S.:If you BUY a product,ask for support,IF you BAY a product or what so...DON'T EXPECT FOR NOTHING! Get it?Good. :D (excuse my bad english expresions,if there is any)

Anonymous said...

Recently bought a compaq laptop with Vista as the Operating System. Vista is unable to manage crashes as well as Windows XP.

Anonymous said...

:)) that's bad...

rshiggins said...

When you buy a Compaq computer and you get crashes, its not the OS, its the fact that its a Compaq.

tony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tony said...

the combination of both a Compaq and Vista you're asking for issues. I have had a few Compaq laptops and worked well with Win XP and Win 98, in the last few years Compaq has improved in many aspects mainly for the fact people did not buy because of poor quality. Since the HP-Compaq merger some quality control has been added, and I hope Microsoft will take the same measures to improve future products, because windows 7 is looking like just another disappointment. brings to mind the saying a wolf in sheep's clothing "vista in sheep's clothing" and e-machine you could stand to improve as well, everyone has the right to an option and I am glad to see lately more civil ones posted. friendly rebate's can be accomplished without whimsical 4letter words. like this you suck to Mac, truly.

Anonymous said...

In BIOS settings there is an option,"ACPI HPET Table support" Enable/Disable Does it need to be enabled or disabled???? by default is disabled.But for vista to work properly I tought it would be god to enable support for ACPI HPET,tough I don't see the big difference about,thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry, I mean to say "it would be good" with double "oo",apologise

Anonymous said...

What i hate about vista is
.assess denied messages
.user account control
.unneeded viual styles
.cant modify system files or even yours files.
what i like about vista is:
.home entertainment
. windows media center
. games :)
about mac i never got to tried for it a while so i really don't know how to use it.
Linux is aright.
im still new to Linux but i got problems like how to install programs... I think all of the 4 os, win xp, Linux (all types), and mac, rocks. but they have a downside to it.
i mainly use win xp

CharlieHorse said...

I have been a Window user since Windows for Workgroups (Win 3.11) and I've used every version since to some degree or another. While the Mac has a pretty GUI (for you Mac guys, that's Graphical User Interface, not the OS itself), it is just too watered down for my taste. My ex wife teaches theater and loves the movie editing capability of the Mac. For research, I use Linux. I was using Kubuntu with KDE 4 and couldn't get wireless networking to save my life. After switching that installation to Ubuntu, I got that to work.

The whole point is that different operating systems have different uses and audiences. I really don't believe that any one of the them is better that any other on a general level. Windows does have problems for the power user, so the power user should consider Linux. Windows Vista is different that Windows XP, so learn your way around. KDE is different from Gnome, Mac OS x is different for OS 8. If you're going to use a newer version of your OS, take the time to learn it. That said, I joke with my coworkers that the more that I use Vista, the more that I like Linux.

Anonymous said...

bla bla bla....use a piece of paper,pencil,much more cheap,and classic :),let ur mind work not ur wallet :P:D

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Anonymous said...

So we have a mutual grips page, does anybody have any answers? I'm going to go back to XP because I have to use a DOS based CAD program - period (I have 1000s of hours worth of development on it which I'm not going to throw away)

I have spent nearly a month trying to get a new HP (Athlon 2x64 4880 3g ram Vista) to work, and the only way is to use a 15 year old Tseng Labs 4m video card in it. With the Tseng Labs card it is 30% faster than the old Athlon 1800. But the graphics arn't very good out of the program.

HP support isn't, MS support isn't, ATI support isn't, and Nvidea support isn't. HP support dosn't read (understand?) what you tell them. MS says to use HP support, ATI says they don't have any card with any kind of DOS support (although DOS support is part of the 32 bit Vista OS), and Nvidea dosn't bother to answer queries.

The CAD program will run with an ATI card with 512 mb ram using the XP drivers but it is 20% slower.

DOSbox is the slowest of all the things tried, VirtualPC running W98 and OEM Nvidea card was actually comparable to the old machine, but I have to move data from application to application which VirtualPC is not overly frendly with. If that were the ONLY way to use the CAD program then I'd use it. VirtualPC with FreeDOS was 70% slower with the Nvidea card but only 54% slower with the ATI card.

Bochs and another virtual machine were tried but both didn't meet my criteria for use and no further testing was done.

Tim Sabin said...

I work for the Army, and we just had Vista training yesterday. The first words out of the instructor's mouth was "Vista is a much bigger operating system...", and he said"...sometimes Vista goes into wait mode for no apparant reason." And, they had a devil of a time logging in before the presentation even started. This is supposed to inspire confidence?

I simply DREAD the day when we are forced to use Vista. I saw no improvement over XP (there were a number of "deprovements"). Plus, I run an email server at home with secure FTP, and my wife has her own computer. Both are on XP and run great. Vista will never - Never - NEVER!!! invade our home.

Anonymous said...

all of you, FACE IT! Windows Xp was a great OS and it is,but it has been transfigured into Windows Vista.More improvements.Some things do evolve some do not,by some rules.

Anonymous said...

I've had vista since I bought a new laptop in 2007. It SUCKS! I hate it. It hang, crashes, and generally makes my life difficult. XP was a great operating system. Vista... not so much (to put it mildly).

TA said...

i just got a dell laptop for my birthday and its got vista on it. i spent a week working on a document only to find that when the file is transfered to another computer, the file would not open. not only this, while using word, the cursor would jump to different line on the page, ruining and deleting my paragraphs, and every so often, a pop-up window of some sort would pop-up (Replace and Find, Research, Save, McAfee Security) pop-ups; which is very annoying and time consuming. every five minutes or so, my document would be highlighted blue and disappear (like select all and delete), and i would have to click the Undo buttom to retrieve the document. i called dell, used up 300 of my cell minutes, only to be told i need to pay $250 for them to tell me what's wrong with the piece of crap. i'm so ready to kill someone.

rshiggins said...

To TA:
When you say “transfer a document” do you mean over a network or by disk? Also what software are you using? Whatever software it is make sure it and Vista have all its updates installed. Also make sure both computers have the same exact software installed if that does not help then reinstall the software. Also if McAfee is giving you messages then its McAfee’s fault not Vista. Get rid of McAfee and get AVG free. Also don’t ever call any customer support line. They all suck and are a waste of time. Use Google and forums like this to get answers and help.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha! I can not @#$&! believe it.

Anonymous said...

this may be a dumb question,but does anyone know WHY transients occur so often??since I got vista installed on my PC,it crashes unexpectedly...sometimes it crashes and when it does the network electricity it goes down too for a second or two-tree thats very strange, I did a chek on my power source on my computer and is not fizicaly altered or whatelse,it's a vista certified PS,like my other PC components ,they are all vista ready,so I don't think this is natural.A good advise should be very apreciated.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. I've been putting off getting Vista hoping that MS would fix it. My hopes were just squashed by my new laptop. First off I've never seen a more bloated operating system with so many annoying features. Second, HP is just as bad with all the crap they load. I've spent several hours today just learning how to navigate Vista and getting rid of the bloatware. So far I see no benefit to using Vista. I may give it a few more days but it's looking like I'm headed to the store to buy XP.

Anonymous said...

But,when XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft...then what?

Anonymous said...

once Microsoft at this rate slowly and surely destroys any chance of anyone running their OS again, there is always Linux. and having forums like this you'll have all the support you need.

Anonymous said...

aha, sure...but for people that XP was a reliable and easy-to-do operating sysitem,, yeah :)

Anonymous said...

someone please tell how to install Adobe Flash Player plugin for Linux/Mozila

rshiggins said...

Go to this link...

Anonymous said...

Vista Sucks!

Installing a network printer!!! What a joke. You have to install most as a local printer?

LLTD is required as a download for interoperability between XP and vista over a network... Are you kidding me?

I'm not even going to start with the wireless mess. Nor will I even begin to describe the fury I have for networking issues in general.

Software compatibility? Ha!!

The "reorganization" of the menus for "ease of use" is absurd. The reorganization just makes it a pain in the ass to get where you would in an XP machine with no additional functionality... Just more obscurity.

I could write a 1000 pages of complaints.

Uggghhhh... Well, I'm sure this will only help Linux and Mac systems. Maybe it'll be a good thing in the long run, and create competition.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see the Mac Minority are out in force. Admittedly Vista does suck and Microsoft knows it but I'd take Vista over Mac OS X hands down any day. When I first started on Macs the Mac crowd told me I'd never go back to Windows, well five years later I still prefer Windows and can't stand the totally inferior Mac. I still shake my head in disbelief that Mac users actually think they’re on to a good thing, I honestly do! I’m now in the totally unenviable position of having to support Macs and it is torture compared to Windows.

Anonymous said...

Vista 64 starts running great and the next day it takes forever to load and shutdown.....Click on a program and it doesn't do anything......I reloader Vista 5 times already in 2 months.......Unreal hey........Junk.....

I'm on my old computer with xp Pro 32 bit and it runs like a Champ everyday.....My big machine has Vista and it never runs....I'm re formating the drive as i write this now.....6 times now......Unreal....Vista is Trash................

Anonymous said...

After using Vista for a year on a decent laptop, followed by using it on various computers at university and at friends houses, I will definitely never regret buying my MacBook! No problems, no hassle, amazing customer service, just pure perfection! :) So I guess I can say thanks Microsoft, you led/forced me into to buying the best OS created, Leopard! (With XP on boot camp for the old games too :))

Anonymous said...

VISTA = VEDERE or view in english, and its clear that, can see the stupidity in most of you trough the "view".no offence,but for some of you,its to hard to understand that windows vista needs certified motehrboards and other components, and plenty of RAM installed - (for those that complain,vista eats too much of RAM), if you don't like the product, why the hell you talk about it? or trying it...get lost with your MACs friends and have a nice day!

Blue Screens R Us said...


mac is for gays said...

mac is for gays,losers,squatters,and fools..your pc's is in very low specs thats why you get the rocks..MAC sucks dick of my dog..MAC is for losers.

lets have a big ass bowl of vista and glass said...

microsoft will be discontinuing vista OS when windows 7 comes out around 4th quarter of this year and will still support Xp til 2014,even microsoft knows how much vista blows. check up on the internet for yourself, I do support for all OS's mac windows linux, I would never use a mac, but I sure would if my choices were between a Mac or Vista, and I still use xp that practicley runs on a 500Mhz CPU or vista if your lucky to run 3Ghz dualcore machine with about 8000Gb :) of ram yeah real tough choice there, face it vista sucks hence the name of this fourm, wake up, better yet! shake your head, if it falls off give it a kick and continue like you're normal.

Anonymous said...

noobs, someone should close this topic.

lucky charms, leprechauns, and vista don't mix well said...

I believe the topic will be closed after Vista is no longer in existents, which hoefully will not be too much past 2009, Windows Millennium forums have been close for years now, that was Microsoft's last "BIG" mistake until Vista was developed to invade the market and PC's alike. not to worry read up on Linux as it may be the only good option in the future.

cereal killer said...

sorry I used the wrong form of existence, english was not my strong suit.:)

Anonymous said...

suck my windows vista PC running @2.4 GHz AMD Athlon x2 64-bit processor, 2GB RAM x4[8GB total] slots,sata-II 500GB AHCI,hybrid-crossfire.... forgot to mention, O.S. MWVU_x64 SP1 ASRock motherboard.......ASRock ROCKs! xD never had an "official" Blue Screen Of Death,what I mean by "official" is that I get BSOD when connecting to outdoor wireless network that belongs to an local ISP, a small Internet provider in my region...but not geting BSOD when I still connect to abyother wireless hotspots,except ISP's, it appears that only vista is geting such BSOD, xpSP2 doesn't...strange! anyways, Microsoft is not to blame for such trouble, and it's obviously that when having problem with Internet general...ISPs are to blame,for not upgrading hardware,and software for clients.And of course a "non-official" BSOD is when occures regular BSODs...driver error or something....don't know xD xD :))

Get this garbage outta here said...

Installed SP2 because the crashes were unbearable. Tells me I need a restart. So I approved. Crashed right after. I thought this is a bad sign.

So I rebooted again and finished the install. Now I receive the error windows explorer has stopped working ad repititum. Too early to tell how SP2 would effect earlier stability
problems since the SP2 install was done just minutes ago.
This damn operating system is getting on my last nerves. I will think long and hard before I ever shell out another dollar to MSFT for the production of such garbage.

Get this garbage outta here said...

Just minutes later I try to save a wallpaper image to my pics folder and Firefox crashes. Further windows explorer problems related I am sure. Grrr. VISTA SUCKS EXPONENTIALLY SQUARED!

Anonymous said...

:)))) be calm pal...a clean install of windows should fix problems xD

rshiggins said...

Whether you are having problems with Vista or not, you should definitely download and install Windows 7 RC. The beta version has been out for awhile and just recently the Release Candidate has become available. It is a known fact that Windows 7 RC performs better than Vista, even with SP1. I have been using Windows 7 tests for about 4 months now, installing new updates as they become available, and I would definitely recommend it.
As a warning though, if you are going to try it the only problem you may run into is a lack of driver and/or software support for certain hardware. This shouldn’t be too much of a concern due to the fact that Windows 7 beta has been such a success that many companies (Nvidia, Creative, ATI etc.) have already posted drivers for Windows 7 on their websites. Just make sure to check websites and download the latest releases for all drivers and software.
When installing Windows 7 from Vista you have the choice of installing as an update, meaning you don’t have to format your drive and reinstall all your software. All you have to do is just run the install from Vista and it updates all the files that are needed for Windows 7. However, I would recommend a clean install anyways just to make sure everything is "fresh."
To get windows 7 follow the steps here:
You can also get it on many torrent websites.
When you download Windows 7 it will be in an ISO format. If you have not used ISO format before, get familiar with, download and install the trial version of Power ISO which can be found here:
For information on Windows 7 check out:
If you have any questions just post it here with attention to rshiggins.

Anonymous said...

life is crap

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that we have to listen to stupid people that want another 10 years or maybe forever ... to work with windows xp.Does MAC argue they're O.S. evolution?And anyway who cares...
I'm a Vista user,and from my perspective look, I could see that,Vista isn't the problem.The real problem hides in everyone of YOU! in you'r stupid BRAINLESS head!!!! I tell you,let vista suck all day,but...don't touch that shit!because it's like a ticking bomb, so you could end dirty! ahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

no, you are right vista isn't the problem. its the system requirements thingie put out by microsoftie. it should really read unless your coumpter has that new box smell, vista will likely crash it bigtime.

Anonymous said...

but......for F*CK sake...isn't already clear that,in this era of time, I mean it's already passed 10 years..the eqivalent of an 500MHz processor (running 98' or xp edition of windows,playing direct X 8.0 games doing all the stuff that could be done on 98'), is an 2400MHz (atleast dual-core running brand new vista or 7 with the same stuff:games...whatever!) I'm not talking about the processor only,the same for the rest of PC components,in proportion. Duhh' EVOLUTION my friends EVOLUTION. And Vista means business when it comes to entertainment,"say in public domain that "vista sucks" ,and you've already been an entertainer to you'r self and for who-ever listens to you or you'r B.S.,and you'r sooo happy with that! B*tch!

Anonymous said...

The idiots that think Fista is the best thing since sliced bread are merely LITE users of Microcrap Windoze and have no idea how unreliable, buggy, unsupported, heavily-marketed, hard-coded, inflexible are all versions of WINDOZE. The billions of dollars Bill F'g Gates has in his pocket should have been spent on SOFTWARE TESTING and improvement of EXISTING PRODUCTS. Get a @#$%^ clue please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

crappy entertainer, just look at you,...poor fellow.I believe that ur not an windows user, eh? So, then, where could you posibly know such crap,about windows?Do you make investigation about windows to prove, ....what?I tell you, someone hates you! Go here:

Anonymous said...

me again I think some reponses from people they may be drunk, but regardless I was able to format a laptop that required a username and password at a retail store that OS was Vista, so how secure do you feel running that crap OS, I did not even want to hack it but it was just there, and easy to do. and please can we keep the comments clean, cursing is just a sign of uneducated person that do not know how express their feelings.

Anonymous said...

h*ly s*it ..... talking about insults??????????? YOU are the one that called "The idiots that think " , not anyone don't talk like you'r the one drunk now...anyway, what's the big deal with that? you can prove nothing to nobody....peace!

Anonymous said...

And I tought that this will bring you some umor, not to offence you,but,...let go, some people doesn't have that side, no stupid jokes I get it.chill

Anonymous said...

And I apologise for my bad english spelling , I am awake, NOT drunk!

Anonymous said...

By the way a lot of the machines with problems were released with a "vista compatible" sticker and also I had a machine that came with vista that had neumorus problems inclding not being able to install SP2

Anonymous said...

Can you give an example? Manufacturer? Model? anything...?

Anonymous said...

:)))))))) lol

Goose said...

Mine was an inspiron laptop, it came with vista and vista STILL ran horribly on it and when I finally got it the way I wanted I couldn't install sp1 so I moved to linux lemme see if i can find my earlier post

Goose said...

Here is the one about skype:

My Vista horror story - I wanted skype so i could talk to a friend so i install it and find out my microphone isn't working so i spend 10 mins and get it working. Not horrible but still a pain. Here's where the trouble starts.... I go to skype and try the test call thing. Guess what! It connects, rings, then I see a screen filled with the nicest blue! So I start searching and eventually came out with a solution, hours later...

Anonymous said...

update your audio driver, or use a vista certified audio card.check or

rshiggins said...

I'm telling you people, get Windows 7 RC and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Biggest POS operating system in the history of operating systems. P4 3.0 GB with 2 Gigs of Ram. Not a dinosaur PC by any means, this is more than capable of handling Vista according to system requirements. Vista crashes at least twice daily for me. Sp2 created as many problems as it solved. At least for me.

Anonymous said...

vista rullz i have it and it works perfectly (i have 2 gb of ram and 2 ghz,256 vram) i never had an problem with it and i never saw the blue screen of death.The problem is the retardation,some people dont know how to take care of their os, after they fuck up their system they blame the owners/creators of it.

Goose said...

Did you ever use vista before sp1? whe vista was released it was worse than linux on hardware support and was as stable as most ALPHAS! My vista actually wouldn't install sp1 so now I am running linux which is much more stable. I admit I never used vista after sp1 but my current vista experience has caused me to switch to linux permanently and I only boot my windows XP partion when I want to play games because the game developers choose only to support windows and mac

Anonymous said...

The widely recurring Vista one sees that is brought about by this garbage O/S is the Blue Screen vista.

can I have my money back? said...

My computer is virus and spyware free. I don't download crap, so there is no infection here on my end. But, BUT, BUTT. My PC runs terribly. I agree with others. I can support claims that Vist crashes my PC often.

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